Horumarinta Elmiga Phase III (HE -3)

Horumarinta Elmiga phase III (HE -3) strengthens the sector coverage by extending Basic Education (BE) and Non-Formal Education (NFE) to areas; mainstreaming Basic Education for Pastoralists (BEP); reaching children with special needs; advancing demand-driven Technical Vocation Education Training (TVET) to a technical level as a valuable and integrated part of the education system and facilitating the improvement of Higher Education (HE) provision.

The overall objective of the project is “Education and training efficiently and effectively contributing to poverty alleviation within a peaceful, secure and democratic Somaliland”.  The project has also a specific objective, which says, “Education and training services, responsive to the priorities, needs and requirements of the population of Somaliland, efficiently and equitably delivered”.

The project has three interrelated results shown below with clear targets shown below table, which contribute to the realization of the project purpose and specific objective.

  1. Result 1: Increased access to inclusive, equitable and quality education for the children and young people in Somaliland.
  2. Result 2: Increased participation of youth and adults in Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
  3. Result 3: Capacity of education institutions, administrations and systems as well as higher education institutions strengthened.
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