The minister of education Prof. Yassin Haji Mohammud Hiir (Faratoon) opened a seminar for top ministry officials. The meeting was attended by head of different departments of the ministry. According to Somaliland Sun reporter at the venue the minister confirmed that the country education system isz in tatters and need a complete overhaul. He went on to state that the ministry is ready to look into every aspect of the national education policy papers and draft a new policy to sustain the country for the next five years.

The minister said that it was important for ministry employees to come up with tangible framework of educational policy that would link the different regions of the country to develop a workable system.

“The education system is suffering from myriads of problems these can only be solved through dialogue and consultations amongst stakeholders. We are open minded ready to listen to anyone with appropriate proposal to revamp the ailing education system.”

Minister Faratoon revealed the country teachers will sit an examination to rid the country quack masquerading as teachers who have let down the country education standard.