Press Release

Hargeisa, Somaliland -President His Excellency, Muse Bihi Abdi on Wednesday February 06, 2019 launched the distribution of more than one million free primary school textbooks in a ceremony held in Hargeisa’s Qudhac Dheer primary school of Mohamoud Haibe district in Hargeisa.

Ministry of Education and Science officials, including the Minister Osman Jama Adam, Deputy Minister, Mohamed Dahir Ahmed and Ministry’s Director General, Ahmed Abokor Mohamed Wednesday’s launch of the distribution of one million and two hundred (1,000,200) free primary textbooks.

The distribution of the government-funded free primary textbooks, began February 06, where 153,077 public primary schools students throughout the country have been targeted to receive the textbooks.
Speaking at an official ceremony held at Qudhac Dheer primary school in Hargeisa, the President called on students to study hard to help make the textbooks meaningful.